Flameless Venting for Elevators

The Q-Ball® E guarantees safe explosion pressure relief in the operating area. Efficient cooling inside the Q-Ball® E prevents the flames from escaping and eliminates pressure effects as a result of the explosion.

The Q-Ball® E is suitable for flameless venting of mechanical conveyors with low design strength such as elevators. Explosions with KSt values up to 200 bar × m/s can be handled.

The connecting dimensions of the Q-Ball® E perfectly complement the standard sizes of mechanical conveyors such as elevators.
This avoids the need for work-intensive adjustments of the flanges. Due to the low weight of the Q-Ball® E, any reinforcements of the conveyor‘s shaft also become unnecessary. With the newly developed principle of full body flameless venting, the Q-Ball® E ensures maximum relief efficiency. The necessary relief area can thus be reduced to a minimum.

Your advantages

  • Maximum venting efficiency through a full body flameless venting.
  • Easy maintenance through an integrated inspection opening.
  • Integrated signalling for a reliable monitoring.
  • Can be utilized flexibly indoors and outdoors.
  • Easy retrofitting of existing vent panels installations possible.
Technical data
Q-Ball® E - Details
KSt-Value≤ 200 bar × m/s
Pmax≤ 9 bar
Minimum ignition energy≥ 3 mJ
Minimum ignition temperature≥ 380 °C
Static response pressure0.1 bar
Max. red. explosion pressure Pred1.95 bar
Ambient temperature-40 to +60 °C
Process temperature-30 to +85 °C (higher temperatures available on request)
Dimensions and Weight
Q-Ball® E - DimensionHeightWidthLengthWeight
180 × 420 mm400 mm400 mm570 mmca. 15 kg
205 × 610 mm480 mm420 mm780 mmca. 20 kg
305 × 610 mm500 mm520 mm780 mmca. 25 kg
Other measurements available on request.


REMBE® Q-Ball® E
REMBE® Q-Ball® E with sanitary cover
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