Q-Flap RX™

Economic isolation of raw gas lines on filters and dust collectors


In the event of an explosion, the Q-Flap RX™ explosion isolation flap valve effectively isolates plant components in almost all industrial sectors. The Q-Flap RX™ is also perfectly suited, for the aspiration lines of filtering dust collectors, and for the suction intake lines of mills.

The nominal pipe sizes up to DN 400 are primarily used for decentralised extraction systems in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, whereas nominal pipe sizes between DN 450 and DN 710 are also used for centralised dust extractors in the grain and food industry. Nominal pipe sizes from DN 800 to DN 1250 are used in the wood and heavy industry.

In order to meet the highly diverse requirements for the individual industries, the Q-Flap RX™ product range offers three different design versions. The nominal pipe sizes up to DN 710 feature an inspection flap, and the larger nominal pipe sizes have a modular design. This ensures that a maintenance and servicing of any pipe size can be carried out easily.

REMBE explosion isolation flap valve Q-Flap RX
REMBE® explosion isolation flap valve Q-Flap RX™

Your advantages

  • Quick maintenance without the need for a complete dismantling of the device, simply by completely opening the inspection flap on pipe sizes up to DN 710.
  • Optionally: longer maintenance intervals by integrating a supervision function.
  • Flexible use: The Q-Flap RX™ is available for all common nominal pipe sizes up to DN 1250.

Mechanism (DN 140 to DN 710)






Basic position

When the system is shut down, the valve blade rests in an inclined position.








In operation

During normal operation, the explosion isolation flap valve is kept open by the air flow of the system.






In case of an explosion

In the event of an explosion, the valve blade is closed by the pressure wave of the explosion.





Meets the requirements of NFPA 69 (Option)

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