Update per 2020-09-15

The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has supplemented the occupational health and safety standard COVID-19 by the SARS-CoV-1.5 rules which we have already implemented in the REMBE® way since 2020-08-03. Now the safety measures which are already standard for our employees, are subject to offical law in Germany.


Thanks to the early introduction as well as the ongoing adaption of the safety measures, see below, and their implementation by all employees the lights are still GREEN at REMBE® even now.

Your contacts in all teams of the company are available for you, the supply chain is safe and the production is still running on full power.

We still don’t allow ourselves to be unnerved due to the general existing unease. We are moving forward the REMBE®-way which is dynamic, flexible and is adapted at any time – if necessary.

Yet only one thing is important: Mutual confidence and reliability in partnership.


As “life protectors” we know that preventive measures are part of a holistic protection concept. We cannot change the situation, but our attitude and how we deal with it!
One of the REMBE® advantages is the young team. The majority of us are not in the risk group. It's good.

Furthermore, REMBE® is financially fully independent and can therefore handle even bad times and ensure full operational status without any restriction. Our decision making process is as swift as it can be.

I am constantly in contact with my Steering Committee Members as well as the designated COVID-19 Supervisors and most of the Staff Members.

Our supply chain is safe. At the beginning of the year, when the pandemic broke out in China, we made sure we have sufficient raw material and components in stock. Our stocks are still well filled.

To give you a brief insight in our Pandemic Emergency Plan COVID-19, here is an extract of Precautions and Safety Measures we have applied on 2020-08-03:

  • All areas continue to work absolutely safely.              
  • Everyone is at least 1.5 m apart. Professionally and privately. Now self-responsibility comes before selfishness.
  • The minimum distance of 1.5 m is visible by floor marking if necessary.
  • If the minimum distance of 1.5 m cannot be maintained employees must use a mouth-and nose protection.
  • If a COVID-19 infection is suspected, we report this directly to our company doctor.
  • Employees with relevant symptoms immediately inform the responsible team leader, the shift leader or the responsible Chief Officer. If on site, those employees leave the premises promptly. They contact their doctor or alternatively the company doctor. The responsible team leader, the shift leader or the responsible Chief Officer immediately identifies the other employees which whom they have been in contact and informs them about potential infection risks.
  • Conference rooms are also converted for people to take their breaks at a safe distance of 1.5 m.
  • We have separated Sales from Production. The areas within the buildings are clearly separated.
  • Office space is occupied in such a way that there is sufficient space between everyone.
  • There is no longer an exchange of people between the individual buildings, the individual sectors in the buildings and locations in Brilon and our 9 Subsidiaries all over the planet.
  • In production the working time is from 5:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. By working in units and the systematic arrangement of the employees (even clearly visualized by wearing shirts in different colors) the conditions are provided to keep the minimum distance of 1.5 m in production.
  • All employees who can work on the move stay at home until further notice.
  • We reduce internal meetings to a minimum. We avoid people gathering in front of coffee machines, for example.
  • We cancel external trainings.
  • Business trips are only carried out after consultation with the responsible Chief Officer.
  • External visitors have access to our buildings if approved by the responsible Chief Officer. The visistors have to fill in and sign the REMBE® COVID-19 visitor survey prior to their visit. With access to the building they are instructed to follow the defined hygiene rules for visitors.

We are flexible in our approach, communicate within the teams and work together. These instructions will change as necessary as we monitor the ongoing situation.

Be assured that with REMBE® you have a rock-solid, reliable and financially strong Partner.

You can count on us.

Be well everyone! Stay safe!



Stefan Penno
Chief Executive Officer

Dear valued Customer,

Due to the frequent inquiries regarding the ability to deliver during the prevailing pandemic COVID-19, we confirm as of 11.09.2020 that our products are still fully deliverable.

Despite sufficient stocks, we are in close contact with our exclusively German and European suppliers, from whom we source our materials. If there are unexpected delivery delays due to the pandemic, we will contact you immediately.

The appropriate safety measures introduced in good time are continuously adapted compliant with the current requirements to protect the employees and internal company processes. Visits and trips are only carried out after consultation with the responsible Chief Officer.

You are welcome to contact us at any time with any questions. Your contact is

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Rüsenberg
Chief Technical Officer
T: +49 2961 7405-0
[email protected]

When it comes to the winners of design awards, most people think of futuristic automobiles, furnishings or everyday objects. However, for the first time, protection systems have now also received an award. Two in-house developments from REMBE® have received the Red Dot Design Award: the Q-Bic™ extinguishing barrier and the design study for a new generation of the EXKOP® quench valve, both products for explosion isolation. The REMBE® engineers have thus demonstrated that, besides the highest standards of safety and reliability, they also have an eye for the visual.

However, not only does the new Q-Bic™ isolation system look good but the design has been developed with functional and hygienic aspects in mind. The Q-Bic™ extinguishing barrier offers a variety of visible and invisible highlights: the firmly attached transport handles, which allow safe installation and transport of the extinguishing barriers, are obvious. They are very helpful, especially when the Q-Bic™ is installed in hard-to-reach places or at high altitudes. Thanks to the convex dirt protection cap, neither water nor dust deposits can accumulate on the Q-Bic™. The “inner values” of the Q-Bic™ are also remarkable: the blue-green extinguishing powder QXP prevents cross-contamination and the patented SJX nozzle ensures an optimum application of the extinguishing powder. Thanks to the specially developed release mechanism without explosives, the Q-Bic™ can be easily imported worldwide. The Q-Bic™ is particularly suitable for large pipes attached to dryers and filters or complex shaft geometries such as conveyors and elevators.

The Explosion Safety team led by Dr. Johannes Lottermann moved into a new office building at Zur Heide in autumn 2019. The premises on Gallbergweg that have been used until now no longer offer sufficient space due to the constantly growing number of employees.

In addition to the ultra-modern offices, the new two-storey office building also houses a large, friendly lounge, which is also used for events such as the REMBE® Safety Days. The short distances to the production areas at Zur Heide and to the test field at the REMBE® Research + Technology Center that have resulted from the move enable even faster coordination between sales, development and production.

We operate sustainably – REMBE® is certified according to EN ISO 14001:2015 environmental management systems and attaches great importance to the careful, considered handling of resources. There was therefore no question that the issue of environmental and climate protection would play a major role in the planning of the new building. The focus here was on energy-efficient construction through the use of renewable energies such as heating with an air heat pump and energy-efficient glazing with automatic adjustment of the light exposure level. 

The findings and experience from the internal REMBE® green initiative were also incorporated into the new production and packaging methods.

The event series “REMBE® Safety Days” will continue this year. After the event topics Explosion Safety for spray dryers and Explosion Safety in the woodworking industry in the past, this year’s focus is on the food and beverage industry, specially the daily challenges in the food-, sweet-, grain- and convenience product plants as well as soft drink factories and breweries.

The REMBE® Explosion Safety Days combine the latest topics and presentations, top rank speakers as well as extraordinary evening events. It is a two-day networking event to exchange experiences and protection approaches.

A broad range of perspectives are required to obtain a holistic picture regarding Explosion Safety in the food and beverage industry. This is why the speakers at REMBE® Safety Days 2019 include operators, OEMs, insurance companies and authorities.

One of the highlights at the event is the live explosion demonstration carried out by REMBE® Research + Technology Center GmbH.

The event will be held in English due to the international audience. In addition to theoretical explanations and practical experience reports, a key importance is also placed on providing sufficient time for the personal exchange of information.


Find here the full programme as well as the registration form.

In the podcast episode DSS027 of the Dust Safety Science, Dr.-Ing Johannes Lottermann, Director of Explosion Safety at REMBE® GmbH Safety + Control talks about the German VDI standards for explosion safety.


During the discussion, Johannes explains:

-How the VDI standard compares with the ATEX standards commonly used in Europe

-The different parts of the standard, which are broken down by equipment type

-The ways that German regulations on combustible dust safety differ from those in other parts of the world

-The differences between dust explosion and gas explosion


You can find the complete podcast at

In the podcast episode DSS024, Niklas Kitzhöfer, Managing Director of REMBE® China Ltd. in Shanghai, talks about Chinese national standards for explosion safety.


You can find the complete podcast at

Accreditation of the REMBE® Research + Technology Center as an independent testing laboratory

The REMBE® live demonstrations have been an integral part of the POWTECH for many years. The same applies to the key player Roland Bunse - an established figure in the world of Explosion Safety since the 1990s, who has been at REMBE® just as long, and has been head of the REMBE® Research + Technology Center GmbH for 2 years. With the accreditation as a testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO 17025 the team around Roland Bunse the independence and professionalism appreciated by many customers was once again confirmed. In addition to the REMBE® Research + Technology Center, REMBE® GmbH Safety + Control will of course also be represented at POWTECH, but no longer in Hall 4 as before, but rather in the "new" Hall 5. At the booth 5-410, REMBE® engineers will be presenting a new non-return valve and the Q-Ball® E flameless venting device especially designed for elevator in addition to other selected products.

Q-Flap RX™ non-return valve

The new Q-Flap RX™ non-return valve is a joint development between REMBE® and the Swiss company RICO. The Q-Flap RX™ is available up to DN 1250.

The strict requirements of EN 16447 are mainly achieved through the very high strengths and flexible installation distances. This is made possible by the so-called swivel carriage principle.

Isolation is essential for an effective Explosion Safety. No matter how much operators invest into (flameless) venting, if an isolation is missing the explosion can spread within the system and continue to propagate from one facility part to another.

Flameless pressure relief for elevators: Q-Ball® E

The Q-Ball® E, which is primarily designed for elevators, uses the principle of the contour-parallel relief developed by REMBE®. Thanks to the innovative design, the weight of the Q-Ball® is very low. While comparable products from other suppliers weigh between 100-200 kg, the Q-Ball® is an absolute lightweight with just 25-50 kg. This particularly facilitates the handling during assembly, as well as the requirements for an installation on the systems in the truest sense of the word.


REMBE® Process Safety and REMBE® Kersting GmbH

At POWTECH 2019, the REMBE® Process Safety business unit will also be presenting various new products, including a non-invasive signalling system and a newly developed graphite rupture disc.

In addition to the REMBE® GmbH Safety + Control with the business units Explosion Safety and Process Safety, as well as REMBE® Research + Technology GmbH, REMBE® Kersting GmbH will also participate at the POWTECH. A new, fully automatic sampling system will be presented, that is able to depict the entire process chain from the sample extraction in one part of the plant all the way up to the laboratory. In addition to inline sampling, REMBE® Kersting offers its customers products for flow measurements, and the silo weighing of bulk materials worldwide.


You will find the REMBE® Alliance companies in Hall 5, at Booths 5-407, 5-408, 5-409 and 5-410.

The success of REMBE® Asia Pacific is a great example of the popularity of German safety products worldwide. To make sure that our Asian customers fully benefit from our holistic approach Consulting. Engineering. Products. Service., REMBE® Asia Pacific was founded in 2009 and has been growing year by year.

Such growth not only in turnover but also in people means more space was needed! The team recently moved into bigger state of the art premises.  The whole REMBE® family sends their congratulations to our colleagues in Singapore – Keep going, you are doing a great job!

In the November episode of the Dust Safety Science podcast, Jeramy Slaunwhite, Explosion Safety Engineering Consultant at REMBE® Inc., shares his extensive knowledge from material handling and ventilation systems, to government safety and education, and to evaluating fire and explosion hazards in industrial facilities. Jeramy has a rare background which covers a broad spectrum that gives him an interesting vantage point that is not typically available in the combustible dust safety community.


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