REMBE® Explosion Safety Days

2018 REMBE® China, in cooperation with TÜV Süd and SRICI (Shanghai Research Institute for Chemical Industry), hosted the first ever Explosion Safety Days in China. The focus of the event was on safety for spray drying systems and attracted a vast group of participants from the industry, both from Chinese operators of spray dryers and multi-national enterprises with a large part of their global footprint located in China.

The guests were blown away by the speeches of the international experts of the industry, such as Richard Siwek of FireEx, Dr. Pablo Lerena of Nestec Ltd. or Yu Jing of DuPont. Due to the interested audience whose daily business is working on safety hazards in spray drying systems the many interesting discussions took place after almost each and every speech that covered most safety aspects concerning the industry.

Many interesting insights were shared, such as during the speech of Michael Oesterle, Managing Director Asia, of the event sponsor SiccaDania – a rising star in the industry, about safety requirements for spray dryers from a manufactures point-of-view. Hence, the audience had the chance to learn something new in each part of the program ranging from self-ignition mechanisms, Testing and Certification requirements (Kristof de Gersem, TÜV Süd), CFD Simulations for Spray Dryers (Bin Xie, Gexcon) and latest explosion protection solutions for spray dryers (Niklas Kitzhoefer, REMBE®). Besides, listening the speakers and audience could witness KSt and Pmax tests in the brand-new laboratory of the SRICI, confirming the VDI 2263-7.1 and small scale live explosions executed by REMBE®.

The target of the Spray Dryer Safety Days was certainly reached, as it gave engineers an opportunity to have a discussion with and learn from people they would under normal business circumstances never have the chance to speak to or using the words of Dr. Pablo Lerena: “Safety does not know competition – Events like this are necessary to share experiences on losses to finally safe lives.”


At REMBE® saving lives is our mission and it makes us proud to see that 100 engineers from extremely busy companies in extremely busy jobs, spend two days with us sharing exactly this mission! 

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